Large Sized Vertical Band Saw G5370/120-300

Large Sized Vertical Band Saw G5370/120-300

this is the customized extra large sized vertical bandsaw,Cutting ability :throat depth: 700mm, height: 1200mm,Feeding stroke: 3000mm

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Product Details

Basic info:

Name:G5370/120-300 trolley vertical band saw

Cutting ability :throat depth: 700mm

height: 1200mm

Feeding stroke: 3000mm

Saw blade specifications: 67×1.6mm

Main motor power:11KW,380V,50Hz

Cooling motor power:120W

Main transmission method:Helical bevel gear reducer 

Inner workbench: 4600×600

Outer workbench: 3600×1200                      

Saw blade tension method: hydraulic

Feeding speed:Hydraulic stepless speed regulation

Saw blade speed:  20-100 frequency control

Clamping method of workpiece:none


Properties and application:

the side of the large vertical bandsaw.jpg

1. This large sized vertical sawing machine adopts vertical cross cutting structure, hydraulic feeding, good rigidity, stable sawing.

2.Steel brush for dust cleaning to ensure that the sawdust is thoroughly cleaned.

the other side of the large vertical bandsaw.jpg

3. Main transmission adopts gear reducer, strong power, reliable performance, precision balance correction, smooth and reliable operation.

4. Narrow incision, material and energy saving, high precision, convenient operation and high production efficiency.

the other side of the large vertical bandsaw.jpg

5. Reasonable saw blade guide device can effectively prolong the service life of the saw blade. The movable saw blade guide device and the side pressure device can move together, stable structure and flexible movement. The transmission parts are precisely balanced correcting to reduce vibration and to ensure a stable descending speed. This precision system can prevent the saw blade from abnormal damage and achieve the ideal sawing effect.6. The main structural parts are treated with thermal aging to maintain minimum geometric deformation and ensure the accuracy of sawing.

the operation interface of the vertical band saw.jpg

7. The use of efficient and energy-saving design of simple circuit, with circulating cooling, overload protection, electric box excellent space, not only to ensure the machine low failure rate but also ensure the convenient maintenance and save time.8. In order to ensure the reliability of the machine running, the saw blades, guide rail, electrical components and hydraulic components on the machine are famous products of high quality both at home and abroad.

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