Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw

This horizontal metal cutting bandsaw is special designed for Chengdu Xiling Stock Company, used to cut automobile piston rod.

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Product Details

horizontal metal cutting bandsaw technical parameters:

band sawing machine special used for cutting automobile piston rod

Cutting ability (mm)


Saw band specifications(mm)


Saw belt tension method

Automatic, show tight pressure

Main motor power(KW)

3.0KW   380V 50HZ

Cooling motor power(KW)

120W   380V 50HZ

Workpiece compaction

Double countertop, servo-control feed.
Pneumatic compression, 3-3.5 Mpa

Saw belt guidance

Three guiding arms, pre-guidance rolling bearing
Accurate guidance alloy block

Main transmission structure

worm gear reducer

Sawing tool feed

Hydraulic hydro-cylinder, feeding speed 0-50mm/min, stepless speed regulation , Parameterized control of sawing upper and lower limits

Saw band linear velocity(m/min)

25-100 m/min stepless speed regulation

Countertop feeding

The maximum feeding stroke is 300mm, feeding speed1-60mm/s, servo-control, parameterized control. Countertop feeding stroke can be set arbitrarily.



Countertop height (clamping tools height included) (mm)

1000mm high from the bottom of the machine


Properties of horizontal metal cutting bandsaw:

1. Two workpieces proceeded at once, high efficiency and precision.

2. Safe and convenient operation.

3. Widely used in this area.

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We are professional manufacturer of band sawing machine and please feel free to send us your special requirements and we will make the product as you wish.

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