Fully Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

Custom automatic horizontal bandsaw machine GS50/45
Bundle sawing: W500*H450mm
Feeding stroke: 1000mm

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Product Details

Technical parameters:

1.Cutting ability:Rectangular W500×H450mm

2.Bundle sawing: W500×H450mm

3.Main motor power: 4.0 KW

4.Hydraulic motor power: 1.5 KW

5.Coolant motor power: 0.09 KW

6.Saw blade speed: 40/60/80 m/min

7.Saw blade size: 4900×41×1.3mm

8.Control method: PLC control, hydraulic driven. Servo screw, fast forward and backward.

9.Feeding table in front of and at the back of the saw blade: feeding stroke, 1000mm per time, servo-feeding.

10.Dimension: L4800×W2450×H1700mm

11.Rough weight: 3.0T

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Properties and functions of automatic horizontal bandsaw machine GS50/45:

(1) Adopt double columns, double clamping, full stroke double down pressure, stronger clamping force, especially for bundle sawing, ensure that there is enough clamping force.

(2) PLC control system can be used to set a group or several groups of data to continuously cut and auto-manual exchange.

(3) Servo feeding is adopted, the maximum feeding stroke is 1000 mm per time, and the length over 1000 mm can be fed by several times. The precision of repeated feeding is (±0.5mm).

(4) Specifically designed for cutting rectangular pipes, the angle between the saw blade and the worktable is 2-3 degrees, which improves the production efficiency and cutting accuracy, and prolongs the service life of the saw blade.

(5) There is one set of feeding table on both sides of the band saw blade, if it can’t reach the set position after the back feeding table fed, the front feeding table can pull the material and then the back feeding table push again until the set position reached, then start sawing.

(6) Bed and conveyor, both sides of the feeding conveyor are equipped with vertical roller, which can be adjusted according to the width of the cut material, so as to facilitate the whole bundle cutting guidance.

This is a custom automatic horizontal bandsaw machine for cutting rectangular pipes. With full stroke down pressure and lengthened feeding stroke, it is especially suitable for bundle sawing. The maximum width is 500mm, the maximum height is 450mm, with strong clamping force,this automatic band saw can ensure a high precision sawing. 

This is just one simple type of our custom band sawing machine, with professional design and rich experience, we will provide you our best quality bandsaw. Just send us your sawing demands, we will never disappoint you.

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