Magnesium Alloy Cutting Saw

Used for cutting magnesium alloy. Using cutting and cooling fluid to prevent damaging the material. Economical and practical, Jinfeng Sawing Machine will be your best choice in China.

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As the saying goes, a good horse matches a good saddle. All the accessories of Magnesium Alloy Cutting Saw are by the international and domestic well-known brand suppliers. It is the company's exquisite production processing technology and professional lathes accessories to create the good quality saw machine for our customers.

1. Double column structure, large diameter column and ultra-long sliding sleeve (with self-running bearing) form a stable cutting structure to ensure the guidance accuracy.
2. The hard alloy and rolling bearing guide rail of the sawing device are designed reasonably to extend the service life effectively.
3. With high performance worm reducer, it has the features of high power, high reliability, precision balance correction, noise reduction and vibration reduction.

4. It has unique hydraulic system design, stable descending speed. This precision system can prevent the blade from abnormal damage and achieve ideal cutting effect.

Technical parameters:


Cutting ability (max)(mm)

Ф400mm □W400xH500mm

Main motor power(KW)


Hydraulic motor power(KW)


Cooling motor power(KW)


Band velocity(m/min)


Band specifications(mm)


Belt tension method




Rough weight(kg)




Attention about using magnesium alloy Cutting Saw:

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of band sawing machine. Here are two key elements affect sawing performance.

1.Saw belt tooth pitch

First, in accordance with the material to choose the saw belt, then according to the specifications to choose the right tooth pitch.

2.Saw belt speed and feed rate

Generally we can reduce 1 or 2 gear to prolong the service life of the saw belt. In order to ensure the cutting effect and service life, we should adjust the feed rate and saw belt speed to reach a optimal matching state.


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