Industrial Steel Cutting Band Saw

Industrial Steel Cutting Band Saw

Cutting capacity: Round 600mm
Rectangle W600*H600mm

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industrial steel cutting band saw GZ4260

Our double column gantry structure horizontal industrial steel cutting band saw GZ4260 with two vise jaws and two down pressure cylinder is much more different compared with the first generation GZ4260. This new bandsaw has best performance and wider use. 

First, it can be used to cut large sized raw material, the work table is composed of rollers, easy for the heavy material to move even though it is automatic bandsaw. 

Second, with super large size vise jaw, can clamp the material tightly, in this way to ensure a stable cutting. 

Third, the two down pressure cylinders is the best choice for bundle cutting, the bundle is stable enough to ensure a high precision cutting. There will be no chance to a oblique sawing.

Fourth, the large size column and gantry structure is very reliable for cutting, solid enough and enable to bear heavy materials.

industrial bandsaw.JPG

Technical requirements:

Cutting capacity: Round  600mm 

                            Rectangle W600*H600mm

The greatest improvement compared with the normal one is: the bundle cutting capacity can also reached W600*600H, thanks to the super large and super high vise jaws, it must be a surprise for you

Main motor power: 5.5kw

Hydraulic motor power: 1.5kw

water pump motor power: 0.09kw

The saw blade speed is also different here, you may see that other blade speed is 40/60/80 m/min if regulated by cone pulley, but this GZ4260 blade speed is  28/52/74/85m/min, suit to cut a wider range of raw material.

Blade tension: hydraulic 

Main structure:

large vise jaw .jpg roller worktable .JPG

Overall, this industrial steel cutting band saw GZ4260 is an ideal choice for mass production. Welcome to contact us to know more about our products.

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