Horizontal Band Sawing Machine

Horizontal Band Sawing Machine

G-260 mitre cutting angle band saw machine, saw frame can rotate 0 to 45 degrees Cutting ability: 0 degree Round 260mm Rectangular 260x260mm 45 degree Round200mm Rectangular260x200mm Bundle sawing: Round 260mm Rectangular 260x85mm

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Product Details

This is our classical miter cutting bandsaw machine and it is also the smallest size of our horizontal bandsaw. 

G-260 angle mitre cutting band saw.jpg mitre cutting band saw.jpg


·Double column structure, ensure a stable sawing 

·Straight and miter cuts from 90 to 45 degrees, one machine with multiple applications

·main motor 2.2KW(3hp) 

·Heavy-duty cast iron swivel center features straight and miter cuts from 90 to 45 degrees

·Built-in coolant & hydraulic systems

·Carbide blade guides

·Rigid guide arms, slide reduces vibration, achieving a better cutting result

·Down feed rate & cutting pressure control

·Cast iron vises



This horizontal band sawing machine mainly used for profile, H-steel and other material which need to be cut into angle shape. Widely used for kinds of nonferrous metal such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum and carbon steel etc. With good performance and stable cutting, our angle cutting bandsaw has won praises all over the world.


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Details of this horizontal band sawing machine:


reduer of bandsaw.jpg swivel of bandsaw.jpg

carbide guide of bandsaw.jpg angle bandsaw.jpg


About our company:

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. is an excellent supplier from China, our products include semi automatic horizontal bandsaw machine, cnc band saw, double column band saw machine, angle cutting band saw machine etc. We can also produce special bandsaw machine for you in accordance with your technical parameters. 


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And if you don’t know how to choose a suitable type, just tell us your sawing demands, we can give you an ideal sawing scheme. 


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Our website: www.chinasawingmachine.com

Email: sales@chinasawingmachine.com

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