Double Column Horizontal Band Saw Machine

Double Column Horizontal Band Saw Machine

Double column horizontal angle cutting bandsaw machine
Double column gantry structure, more stable
Accurate angle cutting from 0 to 60 degree

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 This is our angle band saw machine, for cutting angle steel, H steel and C steel etc. It has two super thick columns and gantry structure, in this way it will be very stable. And it is hydraulic rotating for the accurate angle and tensioning for the saw blade.

G-400(5800)horizontal angle bandssaw

Technical parameters of double column horizontal band saw machine G-400(5800):

1、cutting ability: 0°  φ400mm     W600xH400mm

                             -45°  φ400mm     □W500xH400mm

                             -60°  φ400mm     □W400xH400mm

2、Main motor power:    4.0kw   

3、Hydraulic motor power: 1.5kw

4、Cooling motor power: 0.09kw

5、Saw blade size:     5800×34×1.1mm

6、Saw blade speed:     40/60/80m/min

7、Dimension:       3100L×1700W×1800Hmm

8、Rough weight:     1900KG 

This is special custom band saw machine, too. But it is very easy to achieve, cause we have made many sets of this machine, it is economic and practical. 

This one is hydraulic rotating and tensioning, but most of our semi automatic band saw machine are manual for the tension of the saw blade.

It can be used for cutting angle steel and other profile for the angel from 0 to 60 degree. Any angle is possible because we have the scale for you to adjust to the cutting requirements. 

angle bandsaw.jpg                      hydraulic angle bandsaw.jpg

We will choose the most adaptable band saw blades for different materials and different size, the tooth type will be different and a suitable tooth type will prolong the service life of the band saw blade.

band saw blade.jpg  bimetal band saw blade.jpg

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. concentrate on researching and developing of metal cutting band saw machine for over 15 years and has won high praise of our customer and have good reputation all over the world. We will react to your requirement at the first time and provide you the best scheme for your cutting requirement. 

The double column horizontal band saw machine will be packed in wooden case and we will solve your problems at any time.

Please contact us: sales@chinasawingmachine

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