Universal Band Sawing Machine

Universal Band Sawing Machine

Product model: GS280
Saw blade specifications: 3820*27*0.9mm
Angle rotation: manual
Main transmission method: worm gear

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Product Details

universal band sawing machine GS280

This is a special cnc band sawing machine, which achieve cnc angle cutting. Generally, our cnc bandsaw can only saw straight, but this is an universal numerical control band sawing machine. 

Basic info. of universal band sawing machine GS280:

Product model: GS280

Cutting ability(max): 0 degree   Round 280mm  Width 320mm×Height 280mm

                                 45degree  Round 200mm   Width 200mm×Height 200mm

Bundle sawing(max): Width 240mm×Height 90mm

Saw blade specifications: 3820*27*0.9mm

Saw blade linear speed: 40/60/80 Cone Pulley speed regulation

Main motor power:    2.2kw

Hydraulic motor power: 0.75kw

Coolant motor power:  0.09kw

Workpiece clamping method: hydraulic

Blade tension: manual 

Angle rotation: manual

Main transmission method: worm gear

Feeding stroke: <500mm, over 500mm will be fed several times

Workbench height: 650mm

About the feeding stroke of our universal band sawing machine:

feeding stroke.JPG

Recently, many customers asked about the feeding stroke, today our technician will tell you more about this.

Generally, only cnc bandsaw has feeding stroke, the semi-automatic band saw is fed by hand. And the feeding stroke is 500mm, means all the blanking size from 0mm to 500mm will fed once, and more than 500mm will be fed several times. With grating ruler to ensure a high accuracy.

But we can lengthen the feeding stroke for you if you need, and we had already made many lengthened feeding stroke before, such as 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm etc. And there are two ways to measure, one is precision grating ruler, the other is accurate guide rail drove by servo motor. 

With our professional R&D team and many years experience of manufacturing band sawing machine, we will do our best to satisfy all your technical requirements. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will give you our best service and products. 

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