CNC horizontal band saw Cutting Machine

CNC horizontal band saw Cutting Machine

·cnc horizontal band saw machine fully automatic GS600
·GS600: Round 600mm Rectangle 600*600mm
Bundle sawing(max): 400W*220H

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Product Details

Basic Info

Model NO.: CNC horizontal band saw Cutting Machine

Precision: High Precision

Certification: ISO 9001

Origin: China

Product Description

CNC horizontal band saw Cutting Machine GS600 is widely used in the industries of construction, bridge, tower mast and space truss etc. for the cutting of H-beam, U-beam, and box-beam. It is double-column designed, with high efficiency and good flatness of section. It is the necessary equipment for guarantying the products quantity in the steel structure.


1. The double-column design with high rigidity, and strong lathe bed make this type of band sawing machine have the favorable function of vibration absorption when sawing in high speed.
2. High-power motor especially designed for sawing and cutting of various steel ensures the good performance of driving.
3. Slight saw kerf, high precision section, greatly reducing material consumption.
4. The manual stretching device of saw blade makes the saw blade keep stable in fast running, prolonging its lifetime.
5. A clamping arm clamps the middle of the saw blade to prevent the blade's deflexion, guarantying the valid high speed cutting.
6. Saw frame stroke limit switches, can be easily adjusted to reduce the invalid sawing stroke, thus saving processing time
7. The cooling tube offer coolant for lubricating and cooling the saw blade.
8. The grating ruler positioning and the manual micro-adjustment for the work piece make the previous mark on the work piece align with the sawing position. Therefore, the operation is very convenient.
9. The moving speed of saw blade is controlled by the cone pulley, and its feeding speed is controlled by the hydraulic steepless adjustment. Therefore the saw blade is stable in work, and suitable for processing the work pieces with various types and sizes.
10. The whole sawing process is automatically controlled by PLC. After sawing, the saw blade will move back to the original position automatically. It is very easy for operation.
12. Classic components, the hydraulic components, all the electric components (include button switch etc) and grating ruler are the products of famous companies in home and abroad.

Technical Parameters

Subject Data
Max. size of work piece section (mm) Round-Steel  600
Square-Steel 600× 600
Bundle sawing
600× 600
Dimension of sawing blade
L× W× T(mm)
6300× 41× 1.3
Lineal speed of sawing blade(m/min) 40/60/80
Power of main motor (KW) 5.5
Power of cooling motor(KW) 0.12
Power of hydraulic pump motor(KW) 1.5
Overall dimension L× W× T(mm) 3000×6150× 2100
Gross weight of machine (kg) 2800

Daily maintenance

Check the following procedure before operating the machine

1.1 check the hydraulic oil meter. If the hydraulic oil exceeds the L red line, an appropriate amount of no. 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil should be added when the hydraulic oil is lower than the L red line.1.

1.2 check the coolant water meter to see if the red line is exceeded. When cooling water is low and dry L red line, appropriate coolant water shall be added;

1.3 check whether the saw band is located between the left and right saws and the front and rear tungsten steel leads;

1.4 check whether the wire brush is located at the serrated root;

1.5. Add mechanical oil to the movable tong guide rail of the bed table;

1.6 Add mechanical oil to the floating clamp guide rail of feeding table;

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