Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

Custom automatic horizontal bandsaw machine GS4260/70
Cutting ability: Round 600mm, rectangular W700*H600mm
Selection of spiral chip conveyor

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Name:automatic horizontal bandsaw machine GS4260/70


1.Base: welded by thick steel plate, strong load-bearing capacity.

2.Main transmission system.

3.Clamping device: hydraulic vice

4.Saw frame: welded by steel plate.

5.Guiding device and double column.

6.Saw blade tensing device and blade broken protection.

7.Coolant system, hydraulic system and electric system.

8.Feeding device: servo motor and linear guide.

9.No material detection device.

10.Bundle sawing clamping device.

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Technical parameters: 

automatic horizontal bandsaw machine GS4260/70

Cutting ability (max)(mm)

Ф600mm   □W700xH600mm

Bundle sawing(mm)

Max 700W×600H  

Main motor power(KW)


Hydraulic motor power(KW)


Cooling motor power(KW)


Saw band velocity(m/min)


Saw band specifications(mm)


Feeding stroke


spiral chip conveyor.JPGroller conveyor.JPG

linear guide.JPG

Properties and Applications:

1.This is custom automatic horizontal bandsaw machine, used for continuous cutting and mass production for small and medium sized material, including pipe, tube, rod and profile etc. High efficiency, energy saving, material saving, narrow incision, high precision and easy maintenance. 

2.Double column and gantry structure ensure a stable sawing. 

3.Through a heightened vise and lengthened down press cylinder to achieve a bundling sawing capacity of width of 700mm and height of 600mm.  

4.Servo motor control ensures a high efficiency and precision of material feeding.

5.Frequency control of saw blade speed, ranges from 20 to 90 m/min.

6.Servo motor and linear guide, ensures a high precision of a 2000mm’s feeding stroke per time.

This is just a common custom cnc band sawing machine, we have rich experience on lengthening feeding stroke and exclusive designing for cutting special materials.

We are Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd., send us your inquiry, we will give you our best design and quality band sawing machine for you.


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