CNC Band Sawing Machine

  • Precision Bandsaw

    Precision Bandsaw

    We supply high quality precision bandsaw GS320. It is a horizontal band sawing machine. It is fully automatic and anyone can use it conveniently. Warmly welcome to inquiry and join us.Read More
  • Mini CNC Band Saw

    Mini CNC Band Saw

    Jinfeng is a professional Band Sawing Machine manufacturer which was established in 1998. This mini cnc band saw GS260 is a small type of cnc band sawing machines. Easy to operate and maintenance.Read More
  • Full Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine

    Full Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine

    full automatic band sawing machine for cutting steel pipes, steel tubes, reinforcing steel bar, bundle sawing,aluminum, aluminum alloy, iron and other ferrous and non ferrous materials.Read More
  • Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

    Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

    Custom automatic horizontal bandsaw machine GS4260/70
    Cutting ability: Round 600mm, rectangular W700*H600mm
    Selection of spiral chip conveyor
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  • Industrial Metal Cutting Band Saw

    Industrial Metal Cutting Band Saw

    Custom cnc industrial metal cutting band saw GS400
    Feeding stroke: no more than 1000mm
    Remove the finished workpiece automatically
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  • Horizontal Cnc Bandsaw Machine

    Horizontal Cnc Bandsaw Machine

    Fully automatic metal cutting bandsaw machine
    grating ruler control feeding length ensure high accuracy
    Cutting ability: Round 320mm, Rectangular 320*320mm
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  • Automatic Band Sawing Machine

    Automatic Band Sawing Machine

    cnc metal cutting bandsaw machine, fully automatic
    cutting ability: round 400mm, rectangular: 400*400mm
    automaically feeding and sawing, energy saving
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  • Automatic Band Saw Machine

    Automatic Band Saw Machine

    automatic band saw machine GS320 This is fully automatic band sawing machine which can be used for mass production and continuous cutting. It has grating ruler to position the material length and PLC system to set parameters for each cutting. And it has half meter electrical...Read More
  • Universal Band Sawing Machine

    Universal Band Sawing Machine

    Product model: GS280
    Saw blade specifications: 3820*27*0.9mm
    Angle rotation: manual
    Main transmission method: worm gear
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  • CNC horizontal band saw Cutting Machine

    CNC horizontal band saw Cutting Machine

    ·cnc horizontal band saw machine fully automatic GS600
    ·GS600: Round 600mm Rectangle 600*600mm
    Bundle sawing(max): 400W*220H
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  • Small Bandsaw

    Small Bandsaw

    small bandsaw GS280 is a type of angle cnc band sawing machine, as the frame can rotate 0-45°, it can be used to cut the material which has an angle sawing requirements. High quality and competitive price, welcome to send us the inquiry.Read More
  • CNC Horizontal Metal Bandsaw

    CNC Horizontal Metal Bandsaw

    This high quality cnc horizontal metal bandsaw GS400 can deal with the 400Wx400H mm max square material or Ф400mm max round material, and it can also achieve continuously cutting with high precision.Read More
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