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metal saw blades BLG 54×1.6mm is widely used for medium and large sized band sawing machine. Durable and not easy to break, warmly welcome to send us your inquiry.

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Product Details

Product details of metal saw blades BLG 54×1.6mm:

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metal saw blades BLG 54×1.6mm

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of bimetal band saw blades. Here are three key elements during the running of the blades.

1. Pressure and Feed rate

The hard and large width material need high pressure and feed rate, and the soft and small width material need low pressure and feed rate.

2. The outline of the workpiece

In accordance with the outline of the workpiece to choose the suitable type of band saw blades, and the smallest radius of the workpiece to choose the width of the blades. The wider the radius, the wider the width of the blades.

3. Tension

First to check the tension of the new band saw blades. Tighten after a small amount of sawing if necessary. 

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