Horizontal Band Saw Blades

horizontal band saw blades BLG 41×1.3mm is widely used for medium sized band sawing machine. Economical and practical, high quality and low price. Don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry, we will provide the best price and service for you.

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Product Details

Product details of horizontal band saw blades BLG 41×1.3mm:


metal cutting saw blade BLG 34×1.1mm

On the basis of iron filings to distinguish the cutting speed:


Thin pieces of iron filings

Can increase the feed rate or 

reduce the belt speed

Spiral iron filings

Normal cutting speed

Thick or blue iron filings

Too high feed rate, reduce the feed rate or increase the belt speed

The thickness of iron filings is very important and it is determined by the tooth type and feed rate. First choose the right tooth type, then adjust the feed rate and belt speed in accordance with the pictures above. If you need more cutting data, please contact us without hesitation. 

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